FYI: Houston is Humid

Life and I are in a love/hate relationship. And at the moment, we are in a fight. I know it’ll blow over and I’ll forgive Life in a couple of days for testing me so much and being so rude. But I’m allowed to be mad right now. Life understands.

Aside from that, this past weekend began my “Summer of Many Travels” as I drove down to Houston, TX to see two people I love dearly get married. I was a bridesmaid in their wedding, and felt honored to be a part of everything. I am one of the lucky ones that saw their relationship from the beginning and watched it blossom into the kind of love we all dream about. Their wedding was breathtakingly beautiful, and everything was perfect. One of my favorite things, my dress had pockets. I’ve decided all dresses need to have pockets.

And just in case you were wondering, Houston is humid. VERY humid. I had some big hair all weekend. But you know what they say, everything’s bigger in Texas. Yee-haw!

Next up is a trip to Colorado in a little less than 3 weeks to see one of my very best friends, Dani! I haven’t seen her since she moved about 2 months ago (has it really been that long!?) and am so anxious to see her new home!

Me and the Beautiful Bride at the Bachelorette Party — the beginning of the night

I LOVED their centerpieces.


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