You Gotta Start Somewhere

This past weekend I was able to fly up to Denver, Colorado to visit one of my best friends, Dani, who moved there a few months ago (check out her blog about her life in Colorado here). I caught an early flight on Friday and made it into Denver before 8:00 a.m.! To start out the trip, we went back to her place where she made french toast, sausage, and fresh fruit. After we cleaned our plates, we drove up into the mountains to Estes Park, which is right on the outskirts of the Rocky Mountain National Park. Let me just tell you, if you have never been to Colorado, go. Now. I can’t even explain how breathtakingly beautiful it is up in the mountains. The air is so fresh. Estes Park is full of fun shops for trinkets as well as a plethora of sweet treats (we saw about 6 ice cream shops). I bought myself a silver dream catcher necklace with a small piece of turquoise in the middle. It is the perfect Colorado memento.

After Estes Park we decided to drive into Boulder for lunch. We ended up eating on a rooftop patio at this place called The Lazy Dog.  I love rooftops, and I love patios. So this was perfect. After lunch we walked around Pearl Street Mall and each bought some fancy chocolate at one of the shops.

Back in Thornton, we decided to have dinner at this place called the Cheeky Monk, a Belgian Beer Cafe. There we discovered our new favorite beer, La Trappe Dubbel. I am not usually one for dark beers, but man oh man, this was delicious! So much so that we actually ended up going back for more on Saturday night! For dinner there, we shared a Rabbit Stew, and devoured it in about 3 minutes. After dinner, we went back to her place and watched 500 Days of Summer. I had never seen it, and have now decided it is one of my favorite movies. I’m starting to have a thing for Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The next day we headed into Downtown Denver to have brunch at Snooze, an A.M. Eatery. The place was hoppin’, so we had a little bit of a wait. But no worries, we played with chalk on the sidewalk and had mimosas on the patio.

After what was quite possibly the best breakfast I have ever had, we drove around Downtown Denver a bit before heading back to her place to nap and watch The Ugly Truth.

Once we were well rested (and hungry again) we went to dinner at Osteria Marco in Larimer Square in Downtown Denver. The restaurant is actually in a basement so you get the feeling you are dining in a fancy wine cellar. Not only did they have a fantastic wine selection, they made their own cheeses in house! If you know me at all, you know I pretty much have an addiction to cheese. I LOVE it. So naturally, we ordered the Chef’s Special and tried an assortment of their fresh cheeses. For our entree, we split a phenomenal Fig and Crispy Prosciutto pizza, and ate the entire thing. Osteria Marco was easily my favorite place we ate at while I was there, and my mouth is watering just thinking about that meal!

Sunday morning we went to her church in Downtown Denver, Fellowship Denver, which was held in one of the beautiful old Denver buildings. Next, we walked a few blocks to Pride Fest 2012. Let me tell you, it was lovely to see the many churches that were present at the festival in support of everyone’s rights. God loves everyone.

Lastly, we walked around the 16th Street Mall and had lunch at a cute place called Earls before Dani took me to the airport to catch my flight back to OKC.

It was so great to get away for a long weekend and just have a break from my routine to spend time with Dani, who I hadn’t seen in way too long. She shared her new life philosophy with me while I was there: You gotta start somewhere. And it is kind of crazy how it can apply to literally ANYTHING. It was definitely something I needed to hear.

I’ve missed Dani so much since she left, and I love how she put it in her post about our weekend: We have been through so much together, and I know our friendship will only continue to grow if we work at it! I wholeheartedly agree. I love you Dani!

I hope and plan to have many more Colorado adventures in my future!


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