My Week in Instagram: June 18-24

What a week. My brother was admitted to the hospital to remove a kidney stone and ended up being septic. Definitely not fun. I went to visit him on Thursday and thankfully he was released Friday morning. I hate it when my family or friends are in the hospital
I feel so helpless.

Later Thursday night my mom, Danika and I went to Baker Street Pub to watch game 5 of the NBA Finals. The Thunder didn’t come out with a win, but I am so insanely proud of them for such an amazing season! And a fun plus, my beer was Thunder blue!

This weekend I went with Staci and Jerel to Lake Tenkiller. On Friday afternoon I learned that the Eli Young Band was playing a free concert in Okmulgee. We made a pit stop to see them and it was fantastic! Seeing them was definitely on my bucket list before I move. I swear, their songs just sing straight into my soul saying the things I can’t put words to.

After the concert we continued to the lake and had such an amazing weekend filled with movies, swimming, s’mores, and plenty of alcohol. The perfect relaxation I needed. I love these two so so much.



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