Joshua 1:9

In March of this year I went on a mission trip with Journey Church to Los Angeles, California to volunteer at the Dream Center. Not only was the week we spent there a fantastic opportunity to help people in need, it was also an opportunity to grow closer with such an amazing group of Godly women. When you are on a mission trip you are quickly pushed out of your comfort zone, and grow close to those in your group faster than you would in another scenario. You lean on each other for support, guidance, and strength. Even though we only spent one week together, I know that I can always count on these girls in any time of need.

It was while I was in LA that I made the decision to accept my offer to NYU. The encouragement I received from these women was phenomenal, especially my dear friend Natalie. Her and I really strengthened our friendship on this trip. I am so glad she was there, the week would not have been the same without her. She was the first person I told, and the news quickly spread. On the same day that I emailed NYU to inform them of my decision, it also happened to be my “special day.” On each day of our trip we were all given a “special day.” During our closing Bible studies each night we would go around the circle and share something we had noticed about the “special person” that day (or thus far in the week). It was amazing to hear all of the things people can notice about you through your actions. Listening to what everyone had to say about me made me realize they knew me better than I thought they could after only knowing me a few days. And I can’t even express how comforting it felt to have affirmation of how I see myself reflected in their compliments.

This being the day I made my decision, courage and strength were common threads between the comments given to me. One of the girls shared a Bible verse with me that she said popped in her mind instantly when she thought of me.

This is my command — be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.  — Joshua 1:9

I knew instantly that it was the verse that would carry me through the big decisions and my forthcoming move to New York. I knew I wanted to always have it with me. That was when I decided that it would be my next tattoo. I made my appointment last week with Dave at Atomic Lotus in OKC, the same artist who did my brother’s quote tattoo on his arm.  Last night Danika and I headed up there after work for my new ink. I chose to use a portion of the verse, “For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go”, and get it done on the top of my foot. I was surprised that it didn’t hurt like I’d heard foot tattoos do. However, I will say it was uncomfortable when he was towards the side of my foot.

I am so so happy with how it turned out. It is definitely my favorite of the ones I have (Side note: I have 4 now. A rose on my ankle that I drew when I was 18 which represents my mother, the Leonardo da Vinci Lily Study lily on my back, Belle in script on my wrist, and now Joshua 1:9 on my foot). I’m already ready for more tattoos. It’s true what they say… tattoos are very addicting!


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