My Week in Instagram: July 23-29

I cannot believe how quickly time is flying now. It seems faster than usual. It still doesn’t feel like I am no longer working at the museum because I still haven’t had a second to breathe.

On Monday July 23 I officially picked up the keys to my very first NYC apartment! Okay, okay, I only actually have a room, but it felt amazing finally holding these babies in my hand!

Once my mom and I left NYC my brother and I immediately headed to Texas to visit my dad. It was the last time I’ll see him before I move and definitely one of the hardest goodbyes. I am used to not living close to him, but he’s always been a quick 3 hour drive away. Knowing that I can’t just go visit him on a whim anymore was hard to grasp. While we were there we just did a lot of family bonding, which included many games of dominoes.

Back in Oklahoma, I went to dinner at a hibachi grill with Danika and a few of her friends from work. Let me tell you, that was some of the best filet mignon I have ever had!

To close out the week, I went on a lovely walk of the OU campus with Danika and her family. It was sad saying goodbye to the campus I’ve fallen in love with, but it’s a time for new doors to open and new adventures to be experienced!



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