My Week in Instagram: August 6-12

There has been so much going on this week that choosing 4 recap photos was not a simple task.

I finally got a hoop for my nose! I have been wanting one for years but was never able to have one due to always working… well, now that I am currently unemployed (eek) I decided to just go for it. I popped in next door at 23rd Street Body Piercing to pick it up after I scheduled my tattoo touch up session. Definitely a change from my tiny stud, but I love it!

My mom and I went to dinner together at Stella on Wednesday night, and it was phenomenal! Such an amazing place that I really recommend. We split a bottle of wine over wonderful food and conversation. Make sure to have the Stella Candy Bar for dessert. Oh my, it tastes like a fancy Snickers that just melts in your mouth.

Saturday night I had a few friends over at Staci and Jerel’s house to have one big goodbye celebration. It was amazing and the perfect night, more on this in another post.

Sunday night my sister, mom, and I went to see The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX. I’d already seen it, but man o man, seeing it in IMAX was AMAZING. If you even slightly know me you know I have a huge obsession with Batman. As in, my Batman pillowcase is definitely coming with me to NYC… TOMORROW.


One thought on “My Week in Instagram: August 6-12

  1. Juannelle says:

    Brittney you are an amazing young lady and I know you will achieve your dreams. Good luck on your new journey and may all of God’s blessings fall down on you. Love you. Keep blogging so we can enjoy this journey with you.

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