Day 1 as a Manhattan Resident

First of all… I slept, a long time, and didn’t get up until noon. It was definitely the restful sleep I needed after yesterday’s moving experience.

Let me just tell you… until now I never realized and appreciated the luxury of central air conditioning. I also never understood window units (let’s just say I had a little mishap last night with my window unit falling out of my window, thank God there is a fire escape there. Lesson learned: window units are held in by the window, they are not secured to the window ledge). After I showered this afternoon, I was getting ready in the bathroom as usual, except there was no air flow, I mean none. I was sweating immediately and decided I’d rather get ready in my room with a hand held mirror.

After getting ready, it was time to venture out into the world of NYC! First stop was Ikea to get a few things for my room. Well, Ikea is in Brooklyn, and I’ve shared with you already that Brooklyn is pretty far. It may not be far in terms of miles, but in terms of getting there it takes forever. I had to walk to the appropriate subway station, get on the correct subway, get off, navigate the streets to Pier 11, and hop on a ferry to Ikea. It took much longer than I anticipated, but the view from the ferry was worth it.

Once I got to Ikea, I was excited to get lost in their displays of gadgets and gismos amongst modern Swedish furniture. After 3 hours, I had picked out a chair, chest of drawers (small, 2 drawers), night stand, rug, mirror, clock, laundry bag, and hangers for my room. Praise them for at home delivery; it will all arrive up to my door tomorrow afternoon. I can’t wait to get my room all put together and show y’all!

After Ikea, I met up with a fellow OU Alumni at Blockheads for Mexican food and margaritas. It felt so great to chat with another Okie about life in Manhattan. I gained some great insight and a new friend! Can’t wait for more outings with her!

I dashed to Kmart for some essentials on my way home and finally got back to my room around 10pm. I spent more money than planned today, and was gone for much longer than anticipated. Hopefully not all Manhattan days are so costly (crossing my fingers). I also realized I am going to have some pretty rad arm muscles before too long due to carrying bags all day long.

Needless to say, this is going to be awesome.


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