My Week in Instagram: August 20-26

One full week in NYC! It’s been an adventure already! Although, I will say I think I’m getting sick… ya know, the “I just moved to a new place, and my body is trying to get used to it” sickness. As long as it’s nothing like the sick I got after I moved from Edmond to Norman… that one was pretty gnarly.

Anyway, Here’s the weekly recap:

My week started out with receiving an awesome package from Dani. She sent me a welcome package filled with cute necessities like granola bars, tea, nail polish, a pic of us, an encouraging Bible verse, plus more! Receiving this definitely brightened my mood that day because I was really missing home.

Later in the week I went to Strand Bookstore and Barnes and Noble to gather my books for class. I found one of the most creative books ever while I was out, and just had to get it. It’s called Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. Basically is an altered journal where the object is to completely destroy the book. To create is to destroy. Each page has a task to do to kind of jump start your mind on how to be creative on that page. It’s interesting. The first one I did was wipe my feet on a page which was quite interesting after walking around NYC. It’s a great idea for creative types as well as people who are super organized because it teaches them to let loose and be reckless. I worked on another page, which is the one pictured, where I splashed and spit my coffee all over it. Let’s just say I got some weird looks in Starbucks. Whatever.

I’ve been walking around a lot lately, an the other day I decided to walk to the pier. I walked along the river and between the Manhattan and Brooklyn brides. I am in love with the architectural style of these suspension brides, and just sat along the water admiring the view.

On Friday night, I had my first night on the town with a dear old friend, Anna! We went to O’Brien’s Irish Pub right off of Times Square and listened to a live band. She introduced me to two amazing girls, whom I look forward to getting to know better! It was so great to see and, and I am so glad we are once again living close. It had been way way too long since we’d seen each other.

All in all, it was a fantastic week.


One thought on “My Week in Instagram: August 20-26

  1. Juannelle says:

    Looks and sounds like you are really experiencing NYC. This is the time in your life that you need to this. I really admire you for you courage. I thought I was being adventurous when I moved to Dallas when I was 19. In a way I guess I was, it was a big move for a country girl. Love you and am looking forward to next weeks story.

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