My Week in Instagram: August 27 – September 2

My free time in NYC is coming to a close. Tomorrow I will finally start classes at NYU! I’ve never been so excited to start classes, and am so glad the time is finally here.

To begin the week I received a welcome home package from Staci, and it is the perfect addition to my room — an Oklahoma pillow!

Later in the week, I decided to walk west to the West Village and the Hudson River. While I was over there I decided to walk along the High Line to see Manhattan from a new perspective. It was interesting and I passed some of the most amazing graffiti I’ve ever seen. Especially a gorgeous color representation of V-J Day in Times Square.

Football season is back, and I swear I feel like I can finally breathe again! I found an amazing group, NYC Sooners, who watch all of the OU football games together in Manhattan each season. This year we are at 121 Fulton Street, a swanky bar in the Financial District by The World Trade Center and 911 Memorial.

While I was down there I snapped a shot of the Freedom Tower with it’s gorgeous blue lights lighting up the night sky. It’s almost complete!



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