My Week in Instagram: September 24-30

This post is a few days late because I’ve been feeling under the weather. My classmates and I have decided there is a VAA virus attacking the first years.

I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately. I will always love coffee, but I got to the point to where I was just drinking too much and would have headaches if I didn’t have it daily… caffeine addiction at its finest. I’m also very interested in tea for its health benefits, especially green tea. Found one that I absolutely love at Trader Joe’s, it’s their Crimson Blossom herbal green tea. It’s fantastic.

On Wednesday I went on my first huge NYC shopping extravaganza. We sold my car back home in Oklahoma (and by we, I mean my mom, love you momma!) so I finally had some extra moolah to go out and purchase some key wardrobe additions. I also had an internship interview coming up that Friday and needed appropriate clothes. J. Crew now has personal stylists to help you assemble a variety of outfits. My stylist, John, was amazing to work with. I told him what I was looking for, my budget I was working with, and he set me up with a perfect outfit consisting of a chambray button down, black skinny jeans, a tan v-neck sweater, and a skinny leopard print belt. I’m obsessed with each item and love how well they go with so much I already have in my wardrobe. I also felt the interview was an excuses to buy a new pair of shoes. I absolutely adore my Sperry leopard flats with the gold glitter toes.

[Side note: I just found out yesterday that I got the internship! Starting next Tuesday I will be working in the Marketing and Production departments at Artspace! I am so excited to help in their marketing department with the social media and the production side of their website. This internship is right in line with what I want my career to be in once I graduate in a couple years. Artspace is an amazing company who makes art accessible to everyone. Art is an important and valuable aspect of our culture, and everyone should be able to partake in this aspect of society. I can’t wait to get started and learn all there is to know about this phenomenal company.]

One of my favorite classes I’m taking this semester is Introduction to Galleries and Museums in NYC. Some of you have have noticed the increase in my tweets, Instagram pics, and Foursquare check ins on Thursday afternoons. In this class, we venture around different NYC neighborhoods and visit a variety of galleries and museums. So far we have explored the Lower East Side along the Bowery, SoHo, and this last week we went into Chelsea.

Chelsea is a very interesting area in New York City. Before the 90s, when a mass number of galleries moved into the area, it was a sketchy part of town that you did not want to be caught in. Now, there are over 300 galleries in Chelsea, and with the development of The High Line in 2009, Chelsea has continued to flourish. One of my favorite galleries we visited that day was the Marianne Boesky Gallery on W 24th Street. At this time, they are displaying an exhibition by Syrian artist Diana Al-Hadid titled, The Vanishing Point. These large scale installation works combine art history with surrealism. These dream like pieces seem to be crumbling before our eyes.

Lastly for this post, on Saturday evening when I was walking home I noticed a large gathering of people and of course, I had to check out what was going on. There were five FDNY fire trucks lining the street and bending around the corner, along with three ambulances. Apparently there was a fire inside one of the apartment buildings, but it was trapped inside the walls. The firemen were in the process of breaking through the brick exterior of the building to locate the fire and put it out. I stayed and watched them work for a bit, and it was interesting to watch them maneuver and work as a team. Thankfully, no one was stuck inside the building.

It’s almost midterm time, which I cannot believe. I’d love it say more, but I’m gearing up to watch the first Presidential Debate that’s getting ready to begin! I think I just officially became an adult.



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