My Week in Instagram: October 29 – November 4 (My Week with Sandy)

As us in the northeast prepare for another big storm (thankfully not as big as Sandy), let me update y’all on how my week was during the last one…

As most of you know I live in Lower Manhattan that lost power all week. Thankfully I have a fellow Sooner friend Haley who lives above what is now referred to as SoPo (South of Power), and I am so fortunate to have her as a friend, and greatly appreciate her kindness and hospitality. I loved being roomies with her for a week! Lower Manhattan was dark and eerie. On Tuesday afternoon I gathered my things and headed towards Midtown, along with a swarm of others. As I walked to 40 blocks to Haley’s (after walking to Midtown earlier in the day for cell service, and then back to my apartment to gather clothes for the week) I had a chance to survey the damage. I didn’t go close to the East River, and I know it was worse there. There were trees and branches down everywhere. I even saw a crosswalk sign that had been knocked over but was still in working order once I got to the area that had electricity.

I was lucky to spend the week inside catching up on Disney movies and having plenty of wine. On Saturday evening after much of the transportation has been restored, I ventured into Park Slope in Brooklyn for a night out with Anna. After having dinner at Bogota Latin Bistro (great fish tacos!), we went down the street to Die Koelner Bierhalle for some delicious German beer. We both just picked random beers from the list (which was all in German of course) and thankfully both loved out choices, which was good since we ordered an entire liter… each.

It’s been an interesting week, and one I never thought I’d experience. Thankfully New Yorkers came together during Hurricane Sandy and took care of each other — and we still are. There is still much to be done and my prayers go out to those still in need here on the East Coast.


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