My Week in Instagram: November 12-18

My days are filling with more and more classwork and less and less of a social life.

This past Monday I met up with two of my dear new friends, Stacey and Lori (who beginning in February will also be my roommates!) at Cafe Mocha. They make amazing crepes here (and have great coffee too — more about that later), and I will definitely be returning for more very soon. We discussed details of our upcoming move to Brooklyn, and I am now even more anxious and excited than before! I never thought I’d be this excited to move to Brooklyn, but after visiting the area I have fallen in love with it’s unique culture and charm. Maybe in a few years I’ll move back to Manhattan (Upper East Side anyone?), but for now I’m excited for life in a new borough.

Mid-week as I was overwhelmed by my loads of classwork, and finishing up my application to intern abroad in London this summer, I decided that a good glass of Chardonnay would help. It definitely did. My application has been officially turned in as of yesterday, and I am just anxiously waiting and praying. Your prayers and good thoughts are graciously appreciated!

So it’s a known fact that New Yorkers love their coffee. Being a coffee fanatic, I have decided recently to start exploring the coffee shops outside the walls of my comfortable Starbucks to see what all is out there, and have been checking what coffee cups my fellow NYC residents tote on their morning commute (or often times, afternoon). I noted in a recent post that I have tried a local coffee shop The Bean, and so far it’s my favorite non-Starbucks place to get my coffee. I tried coffee at The Mudtruck this past Thursday, a local street coffee vendor I’ve seen recently at Astor place. I sadly report, the coffee was not good — but it was also 4:00 in the afternoon, and I saw him begin to brew a fresh pot right after my cup was served. I have decided to give them another shot this coming week at a more reasonable hour to expect fresh coffee from a truck.

Lastly to end the week I went to my Oklahoma home bar, 121 Fulton Street, for the football game against West Virginia on Saturday. It was a rough game, but my Sooners came out with a win.


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