My Week in Instagram: November 19-25

Three weeks from yesterday and my first semester will be complete! And three days from tomorrow and I will be HOME. I seriously can’t wait.

Last Tuesday afternoon I received an exciting assignment for my internship at Artspace. I had the opportunity to spend my usual office time out in NYC visiting a few of our partner Galleries. I decided to visit a few in Chelsea to check on how things are progressing since Hurricane Sandy. The area is definitely still in repair mode, but it looking great! My favorite partner gallery that I visited that day was 303 Gallery. The 303 Gallery is a simple ground level one-room gallery with stark white walls, and a concrete floor that focuses on contemporary art on various mediums. When I walked through the glass doors I was instantly presented with works that remind me of many of the works offered through Artspace. I enjoyed the aesthetic of the 303 Gallery, and their clever use of space. Even though there is only one room with a small cubby in the corner for an office, there are many works presented without creating a crowded area. Each work has it’s own space to breathe, enabling the viewer to focus on it alone. One work that immediately caught my attention was Two in One Mirror Mobile by Jeppe Hein, hung from the ceiling in the center of the gallery. I loved the double circular mirrors that casually spun reflecting the room around it as well as my figure, which made me a part of the work during that particular moment.

303 Gallery also had displayed works by Sue Williams, Doug Aitken, Dominique Gonzales-Foerster, Mary Heilmann, and even Richard Prince who is also currently being represented by Gagosian Galleries. Numerous other artists were also hung in The Perfect Show 2012.

As I wrote about here, I had the opportunity this Thanksgiving to visit my dear friend Kristie in Pennsylvania. The visit was just not long enough!

Saturday afternoon I took the train out to Oyster Bay to watch the Bedlam football game with Anna. It was a very intense game, but the Sooners pulled through with a win in overtime! I stayed the night, and our Sunday adventures included amazing breakfast sandwiches, Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn II, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Dior Lip Glow. It was a perfect weekend.

Recently, I’ve become obsessed with drinking a Dirty Chai and eating macaroons. So good. If you haven’t’ tried either, do yourself a favor and try them NOW.


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