My Week in Instagram: November 26 – December 2

It’s Christmas time in New York City! The decorations are up, and the city is even more gorgeous than usual. I love walking down the streets and seeing strings of Christmas lights and other festive decorations. I also can’t believe it’s already December. 2012, where did you go?

I was able to check another thing off my bucket list this week, I went to see the huge Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza, and it sure is a sight to see! Class met on the Upper East Side on Thursday evening, and by the time it was over it was dark outside and I knew it was the perfect opportunity to go see the tree in all its glory. It is such a huge tree, surrounded by tons of Christmas decorations such as nutcrackers, angels, lights all round, and of course the iceskating rink. I didn’t ice skate while I was there this time, but plan to sometime this winter! I stood around like everyone else taking pictures (more than necessary) of the tree. I was really wishing my family there with me, it would have been an awesome family Christmas pictures — maybe next year!

Christmas trees are for sale along various avenues, and let’s just say some of them are pretty big — I’d like to meet the person who can fit a large tree in their NYC apartment. I am hating that I have absolutely no space for a tree, not even a little one. My apartment is really lacking in the Christmas decoration department.

Saturday, the Sooners played their last game of the regular season against TCU, and won. It was an early game, so brunch was still being served at 121 Fulton, so I paired my football with mimosas and eggs benedict.

I left my Sunday open for research paper writing, but of course I had to procrastinate before I could get started, so I dyed my hair. It was time for fresh, bright red.

16 days until I go home!





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