My Week in Instagram: December 10-16

This past week my best friend has been the NYU Bobst Library. Being there takes me back to the days when I was finishing my bachelors degree and working on my capstone… and then I realize I am only in my first semester of grad school. Grad school is very different y’all. I’m working my butt of but it’s totally worth it — more than anything ever has been before. Anna and I stayed at the library for a good 7-8 hours on Wednesday evening. We got a lot of work done and even took a study break for free Breakfast for Dinner in the Kimmel Center (with all the undergrads, but we shamelessly filled our plates twice… free food in NYC is something to always take advantage of), and to visit the Christmas tree in Washington Square Park.

Let’s just say, I love how adult grad school is. On my last day of Appraisal and Valuation, our instructor provided us with some Prosecco to toast to a wonderful semester. (Dani introduced me to Prosecco and it’s been one of my favorites ever since). I am really going to miss that class, I learned so much about the auction world, a world I had never previously investigated. And now one that I plan to keep up with.

On Saturday, I returned to Bryant Park to complete my Christmas shopping. While I was there I noticed another huge Christmas tree displayed. That brings that tally up to three giant trees I’ve seen here in NYC, and I am sure there are more. I think for next year I am going to create a NYC Winter Bucket List. Any ideas would be appreciated!

This weekend was Anna’s birthday, and a lot of us decided to take the night off and go all out in Brooklyn to celebrate. We had dinner at Flatbush Farm & Bar(n). I had duck and some Prosecco (see, obsessed), and it was phenomenal! After gorging ourselves on dinner (and dessert, of course) we headed to Union Hall, which was this huge two story bar complete with bocce ball and karaoke. It was a needed night, as the next day we were all back to studying.



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