My Week in Instagram: December 17-23

One semester down, three to go! After we were all complete, a night that included a beer tower at Amity Hall was absolutely required. I barely got any sleep before my morning flight the next day, but it was completely worth it.

I am finally back in Oklahoma! The time is going by way too quickly, but I am so incredibly glad to be home. I’ve missed my family like crazy. Thursday when I got in, Staci picked me up from the airport and we had a night out in Norman including In the Raw, The Mont, and Fuzzy’s — three places I constantly crave and have yet to find NYC equivalencies for. It was so wonderful to see Staci and Jerel, I have missed them so so much and I already can’t wait to see them again. It was also great to be back in Norman for the night. That city will always hold a special place in my heart and feel like home.

On Friday I was out with my family and spent the say with two of my very best friends — my brother and sister. We decided to use Friday to get sibling tattoos we had talked about a few weeks prior. We all got a Roman Numeral three for each other and to represent our unity, and how no matter what, we will always be a part of each other.

Saturday morning we had family pictures taken in downtown OKC, and I cannot wait to see them, I think they will turn out great. After pictures we had lunch at Ted’s Cafe Escondido. Oh my, I have missed Tex-Mex and completely stuffed my face. And I don’t regret it one bit.

I am so blessed to be home for the holidays and spend time with my family. I’ve been looking forward to this week since I left in August. Christmas is in a couple days, and then my brother, sister and I will be driving down to Texas to see my Daddy. I cannot wait.

Tonight we are heading out after dinner to look at all of the beautiful Christmas lights — one of my favorite family Christmas traditions.




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