Dani Came to NYC!

Clearly, grad school has completely consumed my life this semester, and it’s only the second week. I definitely now understand the grad school cliches I’ve heard, especially considering I say them all now…

Dani came and visited me in the middle of January, and I am already missing her so much! We had such a great time together and did so much during her 6 days here. She arrived on a Wednesday night, and we started out the trip with margaritas and planning.

Thursday morning began with a trip to my favorite bagel spot, Tompkins Square Bagels. I swear, no one makes a whole wheat everything bagel with jalapeño cheddar cream cheese the way they do.

photo 1

After munching on our bagels, we did a bit of shopping at H&M and the Gap before it was time for relaxing mani/pedis. Then, finally, it was tattoo time! We went to White Rabbit Tattoo in the East Village and had our tattoos done by Rachel. It was the best tattoo experience I have ever had. Rachel made us feel super comfortable, and is very nice and extremely talented. I definitely plan on working with her more in the future. Dani’s tattoo is “Romans 8:18” on her inside wrist, and mine says “Wanderlust” on my forearm. (Guys in case you can’t already tell, I am addicted to tattoos, and love them).

photo 6

photo 4

After tattoos, we went for happy hour drinks at Saints Tavern on St. Marks. Anywhere you can get 16 oz of sangria for $4 is my kind of place! It was so great to just hang out, talk about everything, and catch up with Dani — I’ve really really REALLY missed that girl.

Dinner on Thursday was Eataly, my favorite italian restaurant that I feel everyone should try, where we filled up on pasta and prosecco. After dinner on our way back to my place, we happened to stumble upon the Wafles & Dinges truck. One of Dani’s friends in Colorado had told her this something we needed to experience. Let’s just say, if you are in NYC and see this truck, you MUST STOP and get a waffle. It was fantastic, and the perfect dessert.

photo 3

Friday was a full day spent in the Times Square area. We went to the gigantic Forever 21 and played around in Toys ‘R Us before lunch at Angelo’s — a really cute brick oven pizza joint Dani had been to during her first NYC visit. After lunch we went to Rockefeller Plaza and shopped before heading up to the Top of the Rock to see the amazing NYC skyline at dusk. I love how this picture of us turned out during the sunset!

photo 7

After the Top of the Rock, we headed into Brooklyn for an apartment viewing. By the time the viewing was over, we were starving and headed to an Irish pub, 200 Fifty, in Park Slope for dinner. After dinner, it was back to Manhattan for Gossip Girl watching and relaxation. We were exhausted from the day’s activities.

Saturday morning was another trip out to Brooklyn to check out another apartment (which ended up being THE ONE, more on this in a later post). After the viewing extravaganza, we headed into the West Village to check out the Friend’s building, and have our Fools Rush In moment at Gray’s Papaya.

photo 8

Sunday started out with brunch at 44 and X, a fantastic brunch place in Hells Kitchen. Dani had delicious waffles and I had a scrumptious spinach and goat cheese omelette.

photo 1

After brunch we headed uptown to the Met. We got off the subway on the west side, and took a stroll through Central Park east towards the Met. It was a gorgeous day, but there was just so much wind! We spent hours in the Met, and saw pretty much the entire museum — and as some of you know, the Met is HUGE. We called it an early night on Saturday because we were both exhausted from the day jam packed with art.

photo 5

Monday was DANI’S BIRTHDAY!!! To start out her 25th, we went to my favorite brunch place in the East Village, Virage, who were having their weekend brunch special because it also happened to be MLK Day.

photo 2

We headed to Chelsea for the afternoon to walk along the High Line for a different perspective on the city. It was gorgeous, but definitely cold, so we headed back to my apartment to get ready for Dani’s birthday dinner. We found the perfect restaurant in Midtown called Top of the Tower, which has amazing views of the city outside the windows while you dine. The food was fantastic and reasonably priced, and the view was breathtaking.

photo 3

For dessert, we met with with one of Dani’s cousins in the city at the best Italian pastry shop I’ve ever been to, Veniero’s. It was a great ending to the day.

Tuesday was Dani’s last day in NYC, and we decided to visit the 9/11 Memorial before it was time for her to head to the airport. It was so so great to see Dani and be with her for her birthday here in NYC! I am already in the process of making plans to visit her in Colorado later this year. Her friendship is so very important to me, and I cherish the moments we get to spend together, especially now since we are now living 1,800 miles apart!

photo 4


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