My Week in Instagram: March 25-31

I am finally caught up on my blog posts and can actually post about the week I’m currently in!

This week we had our first accounting exam — which also happened to be the midterm. On Tuesday night a large group of us gathered at The NYU Bobst library for a mega cram session filled with coffee and too much math.

I recently purchased some little booties from Aldo, and it’s safe to say that I am absolutely obsessed. They are actually comfortable (crucial for NYC life) and go with practically anything.

Over this weekend I went to Long Island to spend some time with Anna. We ran errands, chatted about everything, and went to a BBQ with a fire pit included. It was exactly the kind of weekend I needed. Relaxing with one of my best friends.

I headed back to Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon and was greeted with the amazing smells of Easter dinner. Stacey’s parents came to the city for the day and cooked dinner in our apartment. It was some of the best ham I’ve ever had. It felt great being surrounded with live and joy on this special occasion. He is risen!



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