It’s About the Journey

Life is not about a certain progression we are supposed to make. Step one: get a degree, Step two: get a job, Step three: get married, Step four: have babies, and so an and so forth. Who made up these ‘rules to follow’ anyway?

Life is about the journey. The journey is life. No one says you are only meant to have one love. What is wrong in having many? It’s all a part of the journey, your journey. If you don’t have a 50th wedding anniversary, that doesn’t mean you did anything wrong, or that you messed up in any way. But why do some of us let ourselves feel that way?

We need to stop thinking that if we do this one more thing, then maybe we will finally be happy. We need to stop thinking that if our life doesn’t seem to be on track, that it is a bad thing. What does ‘being on track’ even mean anyway? What are we on track to? Aren’t we always on some type of path, not just one? But that’s the thing, this track, or path, does it really need to lead to some end ultimate goal on this earth? Because, when you reach it, what then? Does that mean you ‘won at life’ and others have failed? My path leads me to eternal life in heaven. But even then, that is not an end. It’s another beginning. And I don’t have to take a traditional path to get there. I don’t have to complete steps one, two, three, etc. I just get to have my journey. And what a beautiful gift the journey of life is.

Can we have many paths we choose to follow? Isn’t that okay too? Yes — it is. Maybe I will live in Europe next and follow that path, then maybe Africa, and then Alaska. I don’t care, I don’t have to know that right now. Maybe I’ll work for a couple of years to save money so I can not work for two years after, and then just travel the world. Why do we trap ourselves within certain constraints? What’s the use in that? Maybe I never want to work a regular 9-5, come home, eat, sleep, repeat. Maybe I just don’t want traditional. But, if that is what someone wants, more power to them! That’s their journey, and I love them for being on it.

Because, it’s about the journey. And that’s life. So just enjoy it.



3 thoughts on “It’s About the Journey

  1. Heart Full of Wanderlust says:

    I just finished my freshman year at college and recently I’ve been thinking the exact same thing. Why am I going to college? Because it’s what I was “supposed to do” according to my parents and the rest of society. I’m just beginning to realize that I don’t want my life to follow a certain progression. I want to have my own journey, instead of one out of a textbook.

    • brittanyraeann says:

      I agree that if you are not sure what you want to go to college for, then taking a year off to find yourself is a great idea. I was very lost when I was in college, and it honestly took graduating, and starting a full time job for me to realize I was not happy. After a year and a half of hard work and lost of prayer, I moved to NYC to attend NYU for my Masters degree, and my life hasn’t been the same since. I encourage you to explore, and not be concerned with the ways in which society tells you to live, it’s your life — so live it. 🙂

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