On to the Next Adventure

Well, it’s happened. My thesis is complete. Let’s just take a moment and reflect on that…

I just wrote a THESIS, and it is DONE.

I can’t even explain all of the emotions running through my head. Happy, sad, confused, free, drained, ecstatic…. everything. Because now… now I move on to the next step. And the exciting/terrifying/heart racing fact about that next step is that it is anything I want… anything! I am graduating in a month with my Masters [holy crap, a Masters] and I can literally go anywhere, the limits are endless.

I want to stay in New York, I am not done with this place yet. So I have been churning out as many applications as I can in the past few weeks. But I’ll admit it, I’ve let my eyes wander to jobs in other cities, and maybe applied to a few, because… why not? I have that option.

So cheers to adventure, to life, and to next steps!

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 3.13.20 PM



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