Howdy, strangers

Okay, it has been a really really really long time since I have blogged. But recently I can’t shake the itch to start back up.

[I can definitely credit that itch to the lovely ladies over at TINT. If you are wanting to live a more creative life, or a life of your own design, follow Dani and Katelyn on their journey. If you’re like me, you will be looking forward to each and every post, and always walk away feeling refreshed!]

To catch those of you up who don’t know, I am now living in Austin, TX and am loving every minute of it. One of these days I’ll write a very overdue post on what brought me from the Big Apple to Central Texas, but for now, just know that ATX is home in a way I’ve never known. Austin has been home for the last 18 months, and I see many many more in our future.

One of the main reasons I have wanted to get back into blogging is to share my adventures. And for the next two years, my adventures are focused around my 30 by 30 list. I turned 28 in the fall of 2015, and at this point, I now have just over a year and a half to accomplish the 30 things on my list. And to my own surprise, I have already progressed on more than I thought possible at this point. I credit part of that to the fact that I decided to create a large chalkboard sign in my room with my entire list written out. It has been extremely encouraging to see my list each day.


Without further ado, here is my 30 by 30, as well as the progress I’ve made so far.

  1. Celebrate my 30th on a beach [I am thinking Costa Rica, any other ideas??]
  2. Begin flipping furniture and selling it
  3. Be fit and happy with my body
  4. Have a routine of reading the Bible daily – in progress
  5. Credit Card  debt paid off – in progress
  6. Be happy at work
  7. Have {a certain amount I know and you don’t} in savings – in progress
  8. See the Grand Canyon – planned for Sept 2016 with Dani
  9. Read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
  10. Bake an apple pie from scratch
  11. Visit Marfa
  12. Trip to NYC – planned for April 2016
  13. Read The Shining by Stephen King – in progress
  14. Have a job in the arts
  15. Lean to knit
  16. Cross-stitch something
  17. Spend an entire day sitting outside reading
  18. Paint a gigantic abstract painting
  19. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  20. Visit my brother in Seattle
  21. Join a wine club – done Feb 2016; Bell Springs Winery in Dripping Springs, TX
  22. Cook a turkey for Thanksgiving
  23. Change a baby’s diaper
  24. Get a puppy
  25. Build a tree slice table
  26. Learn to French braid
  27. Be able to hold a conversation in French
  28. Take a Graphic Design course – in progress on Lynda
  29. Volunteer at church
  30. Read the Bible in its entirety – in progress using the She Reads Truth 1-year plan

Some are easier than others, and some are things I have just always wanted to do. But I can easily say, 2016 and 2017 will be filled with adventures!




What do you think?

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